E Ganzon Inc.

Albergo Residences


1 Villamor Drive Lualhati Barangay Baguio City


I. Cash Basis – Subject to 2% discount if full payment is made within 30 days from date of Reservation

II. Reservation Fee of Php 50,000.00
Balance payable in 36 equal monthly installments without interest.

III. 50% or more down payment entitled to 2% discount based on down payment if paid within 15 days from date of Reservation.
50% Balance payable in 12 equal monthly installments without interest or financing

IV. 30% Down payment, payable in 6 equal monthly installments
70% Balance payable thru Bank or Pag-ibig financing

V. In House Financing
Five 5 years @ 12% p.a. (Factor Rate: 0.0222444477)
Ten 10 Years @ 12% p.a. (Factor Rate: 0.0155266435)

1. Reservation fee of Php 50,000.00
2. Monthly installments shall be covered with post-dated checks.
3. All check payments shall be made payable E. Ganzon, Inc.
4. Price are subject to change without prior notice
5. The Developer reserves the right to make corrections on any matter thereof.
6. Price is subject to 12% VAT when applicable.
7. Estimated Closing Expenses – 5% Gov’t. Charges of the Net Contract Price

Parking Space

Parking Space Individual
php 3500 month + 375 Condo Dues

For long-term, full payment is required.
Php 3,375x(4 months contract)=13,500 +1,500 Condo Dues
Php 3,199x(6 months contract)=19,000 + 2,250 Condo Dues
Php 3,041.66x(1 year contract)=36,500 + 4,500 Condo Dues

Parking Space Tandem
php 2,800 month + 375 Condo Dues

For long-term, full payment is required.
Php 2,625(4 months contract)=10,500 +1,500 Condo Dues
Php 2,500x(6 months contract)=15,000 + 2,250 Condo Dues
Php 2,333.34(1 year contract)=28,000 + 4,500 Condo Dues

Parking Hourly Rates
First 3 hours Php 50.00
Every Succeeding Hours Php 10.00
Overnight Php 200.00
Lost Ticket Php 200.00

Floor Plan
1 Bedroom
Flexible Plans
2 Bedroom